Boomers, you've earned it,
Baby, you deserve it!

Boomers, you’ve earned it. Baby, you deserve it! You have reached a turning point in your life. Your kids are grown and you may have grand-kids to enjoy too. You want freedom to do the things you enjoy. Gardening, woodworking, family, travel. It’s time for you to be YOU. Cooperative living gives you the freedom to do the things you love all while having the independence of ownership. Together, the community of your cooperative will choose how the community is promoted.

The developers of Uptown Living offer a high quality lifestyle living in Iowa with affordable prices.  To become an owner at an Uptown Living Cooperative, one person must be age 62 or older to be eligible for membership.  For example, where a couple may be joint holders of a membership, only one individual must be age 62. For details on the Fair Housing Act, visit