Uptown Living of Marion on Permanent Hold due to COVID-19

MARION, April 1, 2020 —

At this time, Uptown Living is on permanent hold. We will not be able to make pre-sales in light of our current COVID-19 situation.

Some things are best said in person. So, in practicing social distancing I will send you this message digitally.

Watch our COVID-19 Project Update

My team in Marion and YOU have been amazing to work with. As always, thanks for your support of Uptown Living! Please stay safe and contact me with any questions or concerns.


Karen Everling
Marketing Coordinator
Uptown Living of Iowa

Uptown Living of Marion Pre-Sales to Begin Late Spring

MARION, May 1, 2019 —

Oakbrook Drive in Marion will be home to two senior living communities by a related developer. The Views Senior Living of Marion and Uptown Living Cooperative plan to provide the most well rounded “Community of Choices” in the area.


The Views Senior Living of Marion is preparing to open a beautiful, state-of-the-art senior living community. This Frank Lloyd Wright inspired campus includes a full continuum of care with independent and assisted living, rehabilitation services and memory care. On June 1, from 11:00 am- 2 pm, The Views will unveil this location, the first WELL™ registered assisted living in the nation. To find out what that means, we encourage you to RSVP to attend the grand opening.


Next door, at the corner of East Post Road and Oakbrook Drive, Uptown Living of Marion is in its infancy. The developers are finalizing floor plans and look to share additional information at the upcoming Views Senior Living of Marion grand opening celebration. The cooperative, focusing on carefree lifestyle living while building equity in ownership interest, will be targeting a younger 62+ segment of the senior market such as those still working or heading into retirement in the near future.

As Uptown Living develops, the residents can choose to utilize amenities from their sister community such as accessing outpatient therapy services and a unique transitional program allowing Uptown residents first-option into the full continuum of care at The Views Senior Living of Marion. This will make it easy to call Oakbrook Drive in Marion, “home” for life.

To learn more about Uptown Living Cooperative of Marion and tour The Views Senior Living of Marion join us at the Grand Opening.


Saturday, June 1st, 2019

11:00 am- 2:00 pm (Speeches at Noon)

RSVP by Monday, May 20th

Call (319) 390-8439

Email: mmilcoff@viewsofmarion.com


Uptown Living of Marion


The Views Senior Living of Marion


Uptown Living of Urbana Cooperative on Hold

Active Sales to Continue in Marion


URBANA, MARCH 5, 2019 — In Mid-November, the developers of Uptown Living began pre-sales of a 31-unit senior cooperative housing proposed for location in Urbana on Capitol Avenue in Urbana. The proposed 213 HUD backed project requires an interest level that needs to pre-sell 18 units prior to breaking ground.


The demographic market study for the area states that 60% of the demand for this senior housing will come from a defined primary market area (PMA) that stretches from Urbana, to Brandon, Rowley, south to Walker & Center Point and back to Urbana. Initial marketing results are pointing to a need to pull more project interest from outside the defined PMA to create substantial momentum on the project.


Uptown Living is planned as a Luxury Living development with amenities. The affordable buy in price is paired with a monthly cost that includes the residents share of the mortgage, taxes, grounds and building maintenance, and almost all utilities. Feedback showed that prospects were satisfied with the buy-in cost but were looking for lower monthly costs. Feedback on amenities pointed to creating large outdoor spaces on the property as some prospects are attempting to downsize from large acreages.


With these initial market findings, the development team needs time to re-access the needs of the community and potential reach of the project. During the re-assessment we will be continuing pre-sales events in Marion as Uptown Living of Marion cooperative prepares to move forward in development. Residents of Urbana are invited to join the Marion events.


Upcoming events can be found on the website www.uptowniowa.com or Facebook, www.facebook.com/UptownIowa.


If you have been considering making a reservation or have more feedback about the project please contact Karen Everling at home@uptowniowa.com or 319-404-4997.


Better Together

One of the things I really love about cooperatives is that they prove that we are better together.

In what other setting would you be able to build a resort style home with amenities? Creating this yourself would be daunting. You would need a developer, lots of funding and a way to organize 31 people. Luckily, you don’t have to do that! Historically, cooperatives have allowed residents of apartments in New York to afford high quality housing at an affordable price point. Uptown Living can do the same for you by providing high quality lifestyle living to all its residents.

The cooperative essentially allows you to get $400,000 value for $140,000. But you may be asking, “How”? Good question. I’m a “spreadsheets” guy so I love taking your unique living situation and showing you how the numbers work and how the cooperative lifestyle can add value for you!

If you have not had a chance to sit down with me yet, please email or call me. I can get your details into our comparison and show you what it would mean for you personally.

Chad Gardner

Community Coordinator

319-540-3623 | chad@UptownIowa.com

The Process

One of the first questions we always get is, “when will the project be built”? Great question! Let me share how the community works through this together because the answer lies in YOU. Here are the phases we will see happen:

Concept (YOU are here)

Input meetings will begin with the potential community; $500 Refundable Reservations will be taken. Once the level of interest is high enough, the next phase will begin.


Reserved members will continue the buyer’s process by entering into a subscription agreement to purchase their share. Subscriptions are sold on a first come first serve basis to those who reserved in the concept phase.


Uptown will continue with the process as members finalize input on their individual units and the common spaces. Regular meetings will be held for future members to accommodate the development process for the future community. The regular meetings will be a great time to get to know your new neighbors and establish new friendships.


When approximately 75% of the home units have been sold, the funding process will move forward. Around 8 weeks later, construction will start. Total construction is estimated at 10 to 12 months.

Move In

Were you one of the first to subscribe? Great news. You will be one of the first to move in! Welcome to your new HOME!

As you can see there is no “cut and dried” dates that I can give you because just like walking we have to put one foot in front of the other. Stay tuned to your email and Facebook and we will be sure to keep you up to date.

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