What Do I Own

Share or Deed?

Sometimes when we embark on something new, we want to compare “apples to apples” when we look at a new idea. When it comes to discussing cooperative living, it’s hard to actually find a true “apples to apples” comparison. Let’s discuss being a shareholder.


With your home, you hold a deed. With Uptown, you own a share. Most of us in Iowa think of farming cooperatives when we hear “co-op”. While some of the principals may be the same, a lot is different. As a shareholder you enter into a subscription that sets forth rules and values that the whole community will live by. This is why cooperatives do not allow you to sublet your space. The community is about involving YOU. While you have your own space, you also own 1/31st of the entire grounds, building and common spaces.


     • Shareholders still earn equity and they still pay taxes (in this case it is in your monthly fee) like a homeowner.

     • Shareholders take part in the government that oversees the cooperative; shareholders are “members”.

     • Uptown will most often be a non-profit or not for profit entity. When the development is complete, this will be set up by the member with help from the development team.


It is fun to learn about your new community, but remember I am here to help. Whether you enjoy the business side or just want to enjoy time in the future community with your friends. You can have a place here!


As always, stay tuned to our Facebook page for details and join our Uptown Urbana Facebook Group.



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