Uptown Living Project Coming to Urbana

Luxury Uptown Living Project Coming to Urbana

Cooperative Living for Baby Boomers

URBANA, FEBRUARY 21, 2018 — We are excited to announce a new building development in Urbana created by Baby Boomers for Boomers. Luxury architecture will be carried out in this high quality construction project. It will provide individuals both a single-family home and community experience in a multi-family building format. This allows individual members of Uptown privacy and home customization while also experiencing their unique community through rich amenities.

The project is in a very early concept phase and will be looking for community input. The proposed location is just East of Urbana City Hall on 54th Street Lane. Events will be held on a regular basis beginning in late March to begin the input and sales process for the location. Join the Uptown Urbana Community online at www.Facebook/UptownIowa for regular updates on this project.

Uptown Living

Uptown Living was created by a group of venturesome Boomers who feel that people like themselves need a great place to live and play with no home maintenance. They saw cooperative living as the perfect format for Baby Boomers, retired or working, to do all the things they enjoy while staying “home” in their community.

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